Terms of purchase Maptun Parts

1. General
1.1 These general conditions apply to products for sale by Maptun Parts, unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing between the customer and Maptun Parts.

1.2 When selling to consumers, Maptun Parts the mandatory regulations imposed by applicable law. For more information about the Distance and Doorstep Sales Act and Consumer Sales are here: www.riksdagen.se.

1.3 Buyer must be of age or possess parental consent.
2. Price and payment
2.1 Prices of Maptun Parts website is updated in real time.

2.2 Prices are shown in (euro) or local currency if customer is logged in.

2.3 Maptun Parts right to amend the quoted prices without notice.

2.4 For individuals and corporate clients, payment is made only in advance, unless otherwise agreed, this is done through credit cards or installment by example. Klarna.
3. Delivery and shipping
3.1 Maptun Parts arrange for the client transport including transport insurance and selects the most appropriate mode of transport. The website anticipates automatic front cost of shipping and the cost approved by the customer upon payment.

3.2 If the customer chooses not to pick up the ordered item is charged to the customer free of shipping + return shipping and handling fee of SEK 200. Return cost is 10% of the value of the items. The rest of the amount will be refunded.

3.3 Does your product / item damaged in transit, please report the incident to Maptun Parts. Hidden damage in transit, please notify within 3 days of receipt. Visible transport damage must be reported directly to the driver. This is not done, compensation for damaged goods absent.

3.4 The company delivered the goods directly to the delivery address. If the company's shipping address is a PO box or a boxpostnummer delivered the goods to the shipping company's nearest delivery.

3.5 For individuals delivered the goods directly home or to the nearest delivery.

3.6 Maptun does not cover any customs and/or tax fees that might be charged by the shipping agent. If a Customer is resided in a country outside of the European Union and/or when ordered products are delivered to a country outside the EU, additional taxes and fees may apply.
4. Delivery Delay
4.1 If a delivery delay occur we will contact you via email or telephone. The customer is entitled to cancel the purchase if the parts are not delivered within 14 days. Maptun Parts undertakes to repay the advance amount paid within 10 days.
5. The risk of the goods
5.1 The risk of the goods passes to the buyer when the goods are delivered to the carrier.

5.2 For purchases made by consumer risk passes to the buyer when the goods sent by carrier.
6. Complaints
Maptun inspect each item before it is sent to you. Should the goods still be damaged or delievered when it arrives so we commit to free the error. For shipping damage see paragraph 3.3.

Fill out the returns form which you can download here: returdokument.pdf.

It is important that you contact Maptun before you return the product and to return the form attached properly completed.

A product that we have held it to be delievered or damaged, we will replace if you wish, or pay back the money and shipping cost. If you have ordered several items you returned, we will pay not back all the shipping cost.
7. Ownership reservation
7.1 Products remain Maptun Parts property until they are fully paid.

7.2 Until ownership has been transferred to the customer, the customer agrees to properly maintain the products and not to install the products, and not without Maptun Parts written consent make any changes in them. Customer may not assign or grant rights to products subject to reservation of title.
8. Right of withdrawal
8.1 As our customer, you are entitled to cancel your purchase if you tell this to Maptun Parts within 14 days from the day you received the product, the customer, get a return number and documentation, these documents must be sent with the right of withdrawal does not apply if the seal / sealing broken. Return policy only applies if the item is in its original condition, in original box associated. You can not regret the purchase of parts of a product.

The shipping fee of sending back your purchase regretted paying you as a customer. Products ordered by the customer Which are not part of our normal range not with drawn. Returns received by Maptun Parts in envelopes or without Approved overpack returned to the customer without action as These can not be accepted for repurchase. Missing return number or other document returned the goods to the customer without action.

Electrical parts that have been unpacked or installed are non-refundable.

Fill out the returns form which you can download here: returdokument.pdf.
9. Warranty
9.1 Our products are supplied with the necessary guarantees of Maptun Parts under Swedish law. The implication is primarily repair if your product fails. Is the product not to repair, replace it with an equivalent product. You can customers do not rely on any additional product warranty from Maptun Parts. The warranty is transferred to a second-hand buyers, which means that people who bought a product in the alternative may have the product replaced under warranty.

9.2 The product warranty covers only the initial error, ie. errors that existed in the product when shipped.

9.3 The warranty does not:

9.3.1 Costs for removal / installation of the product

9.3.2 Other costs incurred during disassembly / assembly instance. gaskets, oil, glycol etc.

9.3.3 Consequential damages caused by the defective product.
10. Liability for defects
10.1 Maptun Parts responsibility for errors in delivery is limited to the current conditions. Maptun Parts is not liable directly or indirectly, for example, but not limited to, incompatibility issues, delivery delays, interruptions, additional work or other economic harm.
11. Limitation of Liability
11.1 Would liability or liability arising for Maptun Parts of the present general conditions shall, unless intent or gross negligence, shall be limited to an amount equivalent to the purchase price of the product then the liability is based.

11.2 Maptun Parts responsibility includes direct losses. Maptun Parts responsibility does not cover indirect losses such as loss of business or customer data loss, nor damage Maptun Parts could not reasonably have foreseen when the agreement was concluded and the consequences of which he could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.
12. Transfer of the agreement
12.1 Maptun Parts may, without the customer's consent, transfer the right to receive payment according to the terms and conditions.

12.2 The present terms and conditions may not otherwise transferred without the other's consent.

13. Personal Information
13.1 When you make a purchase from Maptun Parts you need to provide some personal data may enable us to deliver the goods to you, your name, address, email address, or telephone number. These data we use to fulfill our commitments to you as a customer, warranty issues and for sales. When selecting a payment method that requires credit (financing and Klarna invoice) also requires personal addition to the above data.

See our Privacy policy for more information about how we handle personal data.
14. Arbitration or dispute
14.1 Individuals: Maptun Parts follow Consumer Complaints Board's recommendations in a dispute regarding complaints. Are you dissatisfied with the handling of your case, you are always welcome to contact Maptun Parts.

Customers within EU can also go to EU Online Dispute Resolution: ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr.

14.2 Company: In any dispute regarding this agreement / terms to be determined at Örebro District Court.
15. Copyright
15.1 All content on these pages is considered as Maptun Parts, part of Maptun Performance AB or subcontractors property. The information is protected by example copyright, marketing and brands. This means that the trade marks, trade names, product names and information about the products of factors including weight of the product, images and graphics, design, layout, and other content strictly may not be copied or used without explicit consent (in writing) from Maptun Parts.
16. Change of conditions of sale
16.1 Maptun Parts reserves the right to modify the present conditions of sale.