Quality Groups

We have divided our products into four quality groups. Each product is clearly marked which group it belongs. What the different quality groups is described below.


Products marked with "Performance" are included in our performance assortment. The products are intended for tuned cars or for those who want something better than the original.


Maptun Parts Original group is the same parts used by Saab during production of the cars or parts that are sold as genuine parts from Saab retailers. Some of the parts are bought directly from the original supplier of Saab.

The parts are supplied with 1 year of warranty.

After Market

The products in the "After Market" segment come from non-genuine suppliers, however the products are built according to the same specifications and quality. All the parts have been tested by Maptun Parts in order to work seamlessly as replacement for a genuine part.

The supplier could for example be working for another auto-brand. We recommend that you choose an after market product if you are not willing to spend the amount, a genuine part costs or if there might be difficulties in acquiring genuine parts.

All after market parts are supplied with 1 year of warranty.


Parts of the economy segment is mainly suitable for the cars may not have a long life left but still could roll a higher number of mil thanks to an expensive repair. The portions are not of the same quality as the original or aftermarket but fulfills its function and task well. Picture Larna comes with one year warranty!

Parts in the Economy segment are suited mainly for high-milage cars with a reduced remaining lifespan. The parts do not uphold the same quality as Original or Aftermarket but will do the job of getting your car back on the road.

The parts are supplied with 1 year of warranty.